[Non-paying Walkthrough] How to start the game “ChainZArena” where you can earn cryptocurrency


Hello. I’m Hiro.

Do you know a game where you can earn cryptocurrency?
Such games are called “blockchain games“, and virtual currency is distributed in the game, or it can be converted into cryptocurrency by the game assets.

This time, I will introduce a game called “ChainZArena” among such blockchain games.

ChainZ Arena has “Traning charactor”, “CP battle”, and “PvP”, and also has Gacha system, so it is a game that I have enjoyed for a long time among the blockchain games.

ChainZArena is easy to receive cryptocurrency distribution even if there is no charge, and it is also interesting as a game.
However, ChainZArena is a little difficult to understand how to play.
Therefore, I will introduce the basic way to play ChainZArena.

After reading this article, you should be able to solve the problems you don’t understand when playing with ChainZ Arena.

I also summarized the flow to earn without charge at ChainZ Arena in the article.
You can see how to make money with ChainZ Arena and how much you can make.
If you are interested, please see the following articles.

How to play ChainZArena (basic information)

ChainZArena is a Training Character & Battle game

ChainZArena is a game where you develop characters called heroes and let them fight on PC or against other players.

In addition to raising the level of your hero, you can also strengthen him with equipment.

These six heroes will form a party and fight against each other in PC battles called dungeons, or in tournaments.

No need to install on a PC, recommended to use the app on a smartphone

ChainZArena is a game that can be played in a browser such as Chrome.
Therefore, there is basically no need to install any software.

First of all, please visit the official ChainZArena website.
You can start right away by registering from the “Register” link on the top right.

As you can see, you can play ChainZArena right from your browser, but I recommend you play it with the app on your phone.

Recommendations for smartphone apps
  • The app has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, so there is no need to prepare it separately
  • It takes less time to launch than a browser

As for the virtual currency wallet, if you play ChainZArena in Chrome, for example, you have to use the Chrome extension METAMASK to manage your virtual currency.
Considering the time and effort required to create a user, the smartphone app version is easier.

Also, to play in the gaps, it is easier and less stressful to use the app from your phone to control the game effortlessly.

The smartphone application can be installed from the QR code in the red frame below on the official ChainZArena website.

Weapons, in-game money, and gacha tickets can be accumulated by leaving the game alone

In a game where the more often you play, the better the game progresses, you need to put in some effort to be on par with other players.

However, ChainZArena can be basically left alone to accumulate weapons, in-game money, and gacha tickets.
You can save up to 24 hours without overflowing, so as long as you open the app once a day, you won’t be hindered in your game progress.

Use cryptocurrency for games (SOUL) to receive rare gacha and virtual currency distribution

ChainZArena has a cryptocurrency for the game called SOUL.
By using SOUL, you can perform rare discharge gacha and gain the right to distribute cryptocurrency such as Etherium.

Therefore, the first step in the game is to try to get SOUL.

There is a way to get SOUL without paying.
We will play to achieve that method in unpaid play.

How to play ChainZArena (game elements)

Let’s take a look at the game screen to see what kind of play elements ChainZArena has to offer.

Main Menu

First, here is the screen that appears when you start the game.
The six most frequently used items are listed above.

First, open the Gacha screen (5) in order to get a hero.
Here, you can use the free tickets distributed to pull the gacha.

The other items are also lightly touched upon.

Other items
  • Notice:Notices from the management. Basically, there are announcements by e-mail, so this section is not used much.
  • Leader Board:You can see the party combat power of the top performers.
  • Chainopoly:Hero tokens can be increased through roulette and exchanged for heroes and equipment. The method of obtaining Hero Tokens is unknown.
  • Hero Recruitment:You can exchange your charged hero for SOUL.
  • SOUL Drops:Once you have SOUL, you can freeze it here to receive Etherium, Troy, and other cryptocurrency distributions.
  • My Wallet:You can check the status of your cryptocurrency holdings. You can also deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency.

Confirmation and reinforcement of heroes

Once you have your hero, you can check and enhance it by pressing “Heros” at the bottom of the screen.

You can have up to 500 heroes.
If you are about to run out of heroes, you can discard them from the hero discard screen in the main menu (6) above.

Basically, I don’t think I will be using any of the star-1 heroes in the future, so you can discard them if you have a full slot.

Dungeons (PC battles)

After acquiring heroes through gacha and strengthening them, you can challenge PC battles.

Press “Battle” at the bottom of the screen to go to the dungeon screen.

The basics of a dungeon are receiving items (2) and challenging the dungeon(3).

As mentioned above, the more items you leave unattended, the more in-game currency, reinforcement materials, equipment, etc. you will accumulate.

It is recommended to open the treasure chest at least once a day, as it will overflow after 24 hours.

The speed at which treasure chests are accumulated increases as you progress through the dungeon, and the equipment you get is also better.

You cannot challenge the Daily Challenge (1) at first, but you will be able to once the dungeon progresses and you clear the forest dungeon.

Arena (PvP)

Once your party is trained, you can challenge opponents in the Arena.

First, let’s try the regular arena (1), which can be challenged with six heroes.

In the arena, you fight against each other with your party.
The winner gets extra points and the loser gets less points.
There are rankings based on points, and each ranking has its own rewards.

You can get SOUL here as the reward is SOUL.

Also, when you have more trained heroes, you can challenge the Crystal Arena (2).

This is a versus battle with 18 heroes (3 parties), and just like the regular arena, there are rewards based on points.

The reward here will be crystals. Crystals can be used to strengthen your heroes, as shown below.

How to play ChainZArena (Points)

The basic way to play has been introduced above.
We will now explain some of the key aspects of how to play ChainZArena.

Point 1: Party organization


The first thing you need to be aware of when organizing a party is the hero’s attributes.

Heroes have the following attributes: Fire, Wood, Water, and Earth.
The relationship between the attributes is as follows: for example, a fire hero’s attack is increased by 30% against the wood attribute.

However, defense is not affected by attributes.
For example, a fire hero will not receive fewer attacks from a wood hero.

In dungeons and other PC battles, you can deal more damage to your opponent by choosing the right attribute for them.

In addition to the above four attributes, there are actually the “light” and “dark” attributes.
However, these two attributes can only be found in the charged gacha, so you don’t need to pay much attention to them when attacking without paying.

In addition, the attributes also have considerations for party formation.
When organizing a party, unifying the attributes of the heroes will give you an organization bonus (increased combat power).

In order to get a bonus in the organization, it is recommended to make “all six of them a certain attribute” or “three of them or three of them a certain attribute”.
If you want to get a bonus, you need to make sure that you have the right attributes.

I’ve made a list of the effects you can get, and I’ll post it here.

The effects you get from the light and dark attributes are high because they are the only attributes that are exclusive to the charge.
The light and dark attributes are also useful when unifying the attributes of a party.
For example, if you have five fire and one light, you can get the same bonus as if you had six fire.
It would be very useful if you can get it at some events.

Point 2: Enhancement factors


Heroes have skills. Skills can be found in the hero’s detail screen, as shown below.

There are three types of skills: offensive skills, recovery skills, and defensive skills, so you can choose which heroes to train based on their skills.


Equipment can be obtained from treasure chests in dungeons.
Strengthening your equipment is an important factor because the strength of your hero depends on the strength of your equipment.

Strengthening can be done from the main menu item (4) above.
When you have three pieces of equipment of the same rank, you can create one piece of equipment of the next rank.

The point here is that equipment gets a bonus by unifying its ranks.

Specifically, the bonuses are set as follows.

  • Two pieces of equipment of the same rank: HP +6
  • Three of the same rank: HP+6%, ATK+6%
  • Four of the same rank: HP+6%, ATK+6%, HP+6%

For example, if you equip a ★2 sword and ★2 armor, it means that you will get a +6% HP increase.

Take this bonus into account when equipping your heroes.

at the end

I hope this article will help you play it.

The flow of getting virtual currency without paying for it is summarized below.

Once you get used to it, you can play to earn cryptocurrency such as Etherium and Troy by referring to this article, and you should be able to earn cryptocurrency in your spare time.

That’s all.

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