[Non-paying Walkthrough] Flow of earning with ChainZArena, a game where you can earn cryptocurrency


Hello. I’m Hiro.

Have you ever heard of a game called ChainZArena where you can earn cryptocurrency?
ChainZArena is a game that allows you to receive cryptocurrency and convert game assets into cryptocurrency, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency even without paying.

In this article, I will tell you “what exactly you need to do” to earn cryptocurrency on ChainZArena, and “how much cryptocurrency you can earn” in “how long“.

By reading this article, you should be able to earn cryptocurrency with ChainZArena.
Use your spare time to have fun and get some cryptocurrency.

The following article explains how to start ChainZArena and the basic operation of the game’s elements.
If you are just getting started with ChainZArena, we recommend you read the following article first.

How to get cryptocurrency without paying for it

How to earn SOUL cryptocurrency for ChainZArena

First of all, there are the following ways to earn cryptocurrency at ChainZArena.

How to earn cryptocurrency with ChainZArena
  • You can pay ETH to mine SOUL. Then you can freeze the mined SOUL and get cryptocurrency such as ETH, EOS, TRX, etc.
  • You can buy heroes with ETH. Then you can sell the purchased heroes with ETH.
  • You can earn SOUL by getting into the top 200 of the arena ranking. Then freeze SOUL and get virtual currency such as ETH, EOS, TRX, etc.

※ There are also other ways to gain SOUL by using SOUL, but I won’t mention them this time because they are on the gamble side and may cause you to lose SOUL.

Of the above, the best way to get SOUL without paying is to rank in the top 200 of the Arena, freeze SOUL, and get virtual currency such as ETH, EOS, and TRX.

The rewards for the arena are as follows, depending on your ranking. 171st to 200th place will get you three SOULs.

First, let’s play the game to rank in the top 200.

How to get into the top 200 in the arena

Now I’ll show you what you have to do to get into the top 200 in the arena.
First, the whole process of getting virtual currency without paying is as follows.

Strengthen your party by selecting and strengthening the heroes in your party.
The process is simple: if you can create a strong party, you can aim for the top in the arena.

Each process will be explained in detail.

Creating a party

The first step is to create a party.
To do this, you will need to get free Gacha tickets.
You should be able to get gacha tickets when you open treasure chests in dungeons.

Please use heroes of the highest rarity possible.
The highest rarity heroes emitted from the free gacha are those with purple frames.

(Below is an example of purple-framed heroes)

We will form a party with the purple-framed heroes we get in the early stages.

You should also be aware of attribute bonuses when creating your party.
If you don’t know about attribute bonuses, please read here. We have also created a list of attribute bonuses.

In my experience, you can get about 10 purple frame heroes in a month.
Even if you don’t get many at first, you can gradually increase the number of gachas you get if you don’t rush into them.

When you have more heroes in your hand, you should be aware of their characteristics.
The mark next to the hero’s attribute indicates the characteristics of the hero.

In particular, it is best to have one tank-type hero with high HP and one hero with recovery or defense in your party.

It is said that position 1 is the most vulnerable to attack and position 3 is the least vulnerable.

You should place heroes with high HP in position 1. And in position 3, it is a good idea to place heroes with high attack power so that they can attack until the end, or place heroes with recovery and defense systems so that they can stick around.

Earn in-game money and enhancement materials

To enhance your heroes, you can use both in-game money and enhancement materials.
Both are mainly gotten from treasure chests in dungeons.
If you open a treasure chest at least once every 24 hours, you won’t experience any delay in your training.

When your party is getting stronger, challenge the arena.
Even if you don’t make it to the top 200 in the arena, it’s still a good idea to participate, as you’ll receive in-game money and enhancement materials.

Getting equipment and enhancement of equipment

Enhancing your equipment is a very important part of enhancing your hero.
This is because the percentage of a hero’s combat power that can be increased by equipment is large.

You can get three pieces of equipment of the same and actively upgrade them.

Please remember to be aware of the equipment bonuses here when equipping your heroes.

In addition, there is a key to getting equipment.
Each level of the dungeon has its own set of equipment that drops.
For example, you may only have a few rings, so you may want to concentrate on collecting only rings. In such a case, you can decide which level to stay in by referring to the following.

You can aim for the equipment you want and drop it, so please practice it.
If you go too far in the dungeon, you can go back.

Getting skill books and enhancing skills

You can get skill books from treasure chests in dungeons.
All the heroes in your party should be at max skill level.

Getting heroes and increasing hero ranks

The heroes you can get from the free gacha using the gacha chickens you get from the treasure chests in the dungeon are ★1, ★2, ★3, and ★4.
Of these, all but ★1 have a use.

You can raise the rank (★) of your hero.
See below for the heroes you need to raise your rank.

★1 heroes can be discarded, but ★2 heroes and above can be stocked and used to increase the rank of your hero.

Getting crystals and enhancing hero crystal

Once you have a certain number of heroes outside of your party, you can challenge the Crystal Arena.
This one is harder because you have to form a party with 18 heroes, but you can get the materials you need to strengthen your hero’s crystal.

Estimated party combat power to enter the top 200 and how long it will take to train

By practicing what you have learned so far, your party’s combat power will surely become stronger.

And the standard to get into the top 200 in the arena is a party combat power of 35,000 or more.

Even if you don’t pay, you can get to a party combat power of 35,000 or more in two months, which means you can get SOUL if you train for two months.

How much cryptocurrency can you earn?

Once you have SOUL, you can freeze it so that ETH, EOS, and TRX can be distributed once a day.

The approximate daily distribution is EOS 0.0001 and TRX 0.01 per 3SOUL.
Therefore, if EOS = 7USD and TRX = 0.14USD, that would be 24.2 [ USD/day・3SOUL ].

The arena is once a week, so once you are able to place high in the arena, they will be distributed as follows.

The above is a simulation of cryptocurrency distribution assuming that you can get 3SOUL once a week.
In reality, if you keep at it, you will be able to get into the top 170 or even higher, so you can expect to get more than 5 SOULs in a week.

According to this simulation, if you have six months, you will have $4.2 in assets and can generate $0.3 per week.

As for whether this is profitable or not, I think the profitability of the game is not bad. I think it’s great that you can generate $0.3 a week without doing anything.

I look forward to seeing how much will be distributed in a year.

at the end

Now that you know how to make money with ChainZArena, you have a better idea of how much you can earn.

You only need to open it once a day and operate it a little, so there is no harm in trying it.

Also, if you can get to the top of the arena, the game will become more interesting, so please try to play.

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